New York State Seal
Jerome Lefkowitz, Chairman
Robert S. Hite and Sheila S. Cole, Members

PERB Draft Minutes

June 1, 2010
Albany, New York

                         ROBERT S. HITE, Member
                         SHEILA S. COLE, Member

                             Staff: William A. Herbert, Deputy Chair & Counsel

                                         Sheila Talavera, Secretary to the Board

                                         Alicia Jordan, Student Intern
                                         Dongwook Han, Student Intern
                                         Richard A. Curreri, Director of Conciliation

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  1. Open Meeting1
    1. Standard Work & Reporting Resolution approved.
    2. Director of Conciliation Curreri presented his recommendations to admit certain individuals to PERB's neutral panels. Following the presentation by Director Curreri the following individuals were approved by the PERB Board for admission to following neutral panels:
      1. Barton W. Bloom          Voluntary Grievance Arbitration Panel
      2. Lee Coppola                 Mediation Panel
      3. Allen C. DeMarco         Voluntary Grievance Arbitration Panel
      4. Lawrence Henderson     Voluntary Grievance Arbitration Panel
      5. Carolyn Laredo             Mediation Panel
      6. John Stevens                 Voluntary Grievance & Interest
      7. Alan R. Viani                 Voluntary Grievance & Interest Arbitration Panels

    3. Oral argument was held in Case No. U-29194 CSEA, Local 1000, AFSCME & County of Monroe.
    4. Peter J. Spinelli, Esq., argued on behalf of the County of Monroe in support of its exceptions seeking reversal of a decision by an Administrative Law Judge.

      Paul S. Bamberger, Esq. argued on behalf of CSEA, Local 1000, AFSCME in opposition to the County of Monroe's exceptions.

  2. Exempt from Open Meetings Law: Board Decisions, Orders and Certifications2
    1. Minutes of April 22, 2010 Board Meeting regarding quasi-judicial matters approved.
    2. U-29830 - County of Nassau & CSEA 830 & Edward Arredondo.
    3. U-28200 - Carol Ruiz & Board of Education of the City School District of the City of New York.
    4. C-5926 - Local 175, United Plant and Production Workers, IUJAT & Water Authority of Western Nassau County.
    5. U-29565 - Angela Fail-Maynard & Long Beach City School District & Long Beach Administrators' Union.
    6. U-29666 - County of Monroe & CSEA.
    7. C-5878 - Buffalo United Charter School Education Association, NYSUT/AFT, AFL-CIO & Buffalo United Charter School.
    8. C-5672 & E-2429 - Council of School Supervisors and Administrators, Local 1, AFSA & Brooklyn Excelsior Charter School & Brooklyn Excelsior Charter School and National Heritage Academies, Inc.
    9. C-5796 - Teamsters Local 118 & Town of Walworth.
    10. C-5949 - Teamsters Local Union No. 693, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen & Helpers of America & Town of Smyrna.
    11. C-5950 - Teamsters Local Union No. 693, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen & Helpers of America & Town of Kirkwood.
    12. C-5951 - International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 832-S & Town of Parma.

    13. 1    Board member Sheila S. Cole did not participate with respect to 1(A). Board member Robert S. Hite did not participate with respect to 1(C)
      2    Chairman Jerome Lefkowitz and Deputy Chair William A. Herbert did participate with respect to 2(B) of the agenda. Chairman Jerome Lefkowitz did not participate with respect to 2(B) and (C) of the agenda.

      Updated: 6/3/10


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