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Robert S. Hite, Member
Allen C. Demarco, Member

PERB Meeting Agenda & Draft Minutes

July 13, 2016
Albany, New York

                      ALLEN C. DEMARCO, Member

                       Staff: John F. Wirenius, Deputy Chairperson
                                Kevin Flanigan, Director of Conciliation
                                Sheila L. Kennedy, Secretary to the Board

Listen to AudioCast of Meeting - Approval of minutes and voting on cases presented before the Board.

Listen to AudioCast of Meeting - Voting on application of panel members.

Listen to AudioCast of Meeting - Admission of panel members.

  1. Board Discussion (Open Meeting)
    1. Minutes of April 13, 2016 Board Meeting for approval. -- Approved.
    2. The individuals listed below were approved by the PERB Board for admission to the neutral panels identified:

      1. Matthew W. Burr: Mediation and Factfinding Panels.
      2. Jeffrey R. Cassidy: Interest Arbitration Panel.
      3. James A. Conlon: Grievance Arbitration Panel.

  2. Executive Session (Discussion Exempt from Open Meetings Law)
    1. CU-6386 - Lay Faculity Association, Local 1261, L.I.U.N.A & Sacred Heart Academy.
    2. CU-6382 - OPEIU, Local 153 & LaSalle Academy.
    3. C-6254 - Cayuga Community College Part-Time Faculty Association, NYSUT, AFT, NEA, AFL-CIO & Cayuga Community College.
    4. C-6378 - Edwin Moore & New York Power Authority & Local Union #3, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.
    5. C-6391 - North Babylon Public Library Staff Association & North Babylon Library.
    6. C-6174 - Civil Service Employees Association, Inc., Local 1000, AFSCME, AFL-CIO & County of Putnam and Putnam County Sheriff & Putnam County Sheriff's Employees Association.
    7. U-34279 - Richard Josey & Civil Service Employees Association, Inc., Local 1000, AFL-CIO & State of New York (Office of Mental Health).
    8. U-34459 - Brian Burke & New York City Transit Authority.
    9. DR-133 & DR-134 - City of New York & Patrolmen's Benevolent Association of The City of New York.
    10. U-32984 - Town of Ulster Policemen's Benevolent Association, Inc., & Town of Ulster.
    11. U-28899 - Local 372, District Council 37, AFSCME, AFL-CIO & Board of Education of the City School District of the City of New York.

  3. Open Session
    1. Set date for next Board Meeting.

    2. Updated: 7/15/16


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